A Company That Cares

We produce and distribute packaged meat products, snacks, and appetizers.

Our broad portfolio of products included products such as beef jerky, sausage, hot dogs, pre-cooked bacon, and other processed food items. Our brands include Circle B®, King Cotton®, and Trail's Best Meat Snacks®. We offer our products through retailers/vendors and partners in the United States.

Monogram Food Solutions LLC was founded in 2004 and is based in Memphis, Tennessee. We have facilities in Boston, Massachusetts; Bristol, Indiana; Harlan, Iowa; Chandler, Minnesota; Martinsville, Virginia; and Plover, Wisconsin.

Expanding Recognition

For the 10th consecutive year Monogram Foods has been named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing privately held companies. The team at Monogram has worked hard and fast to achieve a 42% compounded annual growth rate revenue since 2005, the first year of business for Monogram.

As Monogram continues to grow, we will keep the family values that we were built on, and the mission will remain the same: to really care about our team members and customers so that we can profitably grow together. There is a bright future ahead and many successes waiting to happen, all of which will continue to be fueled by Monogram’s most important asset: our team members.

Executive Leadership

Behaviors We Value

At Monogram Foods, we:

  • Keep quality and safety at the forefront

  • Gratefully provide best service to our customers

  • If we say it, we do it

  • Embrace the entrepreneurial spirit

  • Value candor “done right”

  • Give back to the communities in which we do business

  • Celebrate our successes

  • Invest in positive energy
  • Embrace diversity
Monogram team members


A huge part of Monogram is the Monogram Loves Kids Foundation, the fundraising and philanthropic arm of Monogram Foods. One of Monogram’s core values is giving back to the communities in which it does business. Since its inception, Monogram has donated over $3 million to children’s charities. In 2019, the Foundation awarded over $300,000 in grants across its locations.

We are a GROWTH COMPANY that REALLY CARES about our TEAM MEMBERS and CUSTOMERS so we can PROFITABLY grow together


1935 — King Cotton brand was born

1935 — Circle B brand was born

1938 —Trails Best brand was born

1983 — Wild Bills jerky brand was born

1991 — Hannah’s brand was born

2004 — Monogram Foods was founded by Karl Schledwitz and Wes Jackson by purchasing King Cotton and Circle B brand meats from Sara Lee Corp. Begins with 13 team members

2006 — Monogram purchases Chandler, MN plant (Monogram Meat Snacks)

2006 — Ches Jackson joins Monogram Foods as President of Operations

2006 — Monogram begins producing Bass Pro Shops meat snacks

2008 — Don Brunson joins Monogram as Chief Operating Officer

2009 — Monogram purchases Wild Bills jerky brand

2009 — Monogram purchases Martinsville, VA plant (Monogram Snacks Martinsville)

2009 — Monogram purchases Hannah’s and Wild Bill’s jerky brands

2009 — First Year on the INC 5000 List

2011 — Penny Hardaway becomes the official spokesperson for King Cotton

2012 — Monogram purchases Bristol, IN plant (Monogram Comfort Foods)

2013 — Monogram purchases the Harlan, IA plant (Monogram Prepared Meats)

2015 — Monogram celebrates 10 years in business by publishing its "Rightly Seasoned" tabloid and launching IMPACT10, a giving-back campaign for the Memphis community.

2015 — Monogram purchases the Plover, WI plant (Monogram Appetizers)

2015 — Monogram partners with Steve Harvey to launch Easy Bacon by Harvey Foods

2016 — Monogram purchases the Boston, MA plant (Monogram Gourmet Foods)

2017 — Monogram Foods is named Processor of the Year by top industry publication

2017 — Joan Vanness promoted to Chief Information Officer

2018 — Cheryl Duffy-Geiger joins Monogram as Chief Financial Officer

2018 — Monogram on INC 5000 list for 10 years in a row

2019 — Mark Coomes joins Monogram as Cheif People Officer

2019 — Sal Sorisi joins Monogram as Chief Supply Chain Officer

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