There's no other way to say it. Butterball is synonymous with premium quality turkey! Everyone knows Butterball-awareness for the brand name is nearly universal. HEALTH is the overall top reason for preferring turkey over other meats and more than 1/3 of consumers site nutrition factors as a key reason for buying turkey products.

The Oven Roasted and Teriyaki jerkies are made from lean, whole muscle turkey breast meat, slow roasted and well-seasoned; Apple Nuggets are bite sized 100% turkey nuggets blended with cinnamon and brown sugar and pieces of real apples-bringing new consumers to the beef dominated meat snack aisle - AND a real winner with Moms and Kids! The Turkey Sticks have a great snap and are a healthy alternative to snacking on the go.

Turkey isn't just for 'Turketarians' anymore - and the meat snack aisle is looking healthier and tastier than ever!

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