The King Cotton brand is a Memphis Original and a Hometown Favorite! Founded by the Nat Buring family in 1935, King Cotton is as much a part of Memphis as Barbecue, the Mississippi River, and Beale Street. King Cotton products are Southern Favorites.

Our hot dogs, corn dogs, smoked sausage, bacon and bologna are ‘Rightly Seasoned’, full of flavor and enjoyed for over 75 years by families all across the Mid-South!

Hey King Cotton fans! Do you have any King Cotton or Circle B memorabilia you're willing to share? To celebrate these brands’ rich history, we are holding a campaign to gather King Cotton and Circle B memorabilia to be displayed at the Monogram Foods Support Center in Memphis, TN. In exchange for any loaned items, we will send the loaner SEVERAL FREE COUPONS and insert them into a drawing for a $100 GIFT CARD. Mail or drop off items at 530 Oak Court Dr. Ste 400 Memphis, TN 38117, or give Monogram Foods a call at 901-654-2869 and they’ll come pick it up!

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