Smoked Maple Bacon on Whiskey Skewers

by Erik Waldkirch, Maxmillian’s Catering


2 cups maple syrup

2 cups bourbon whiskey

40 oz. King Cotton Hickory Smoked Slab Bacon

Smoker with Hickory Wood or Hickory Charcoal

12" or longer wooden skewers


Slice King Cotton Hickory Smoked Slab Bacon into 1/2" strips.  Marinate bacon strips in maple syrup for 24 hours.  

Soak the skewers for 24 hours in whiskey.  Remove bacon from maple syrup and thread a slice onto a whiskey soaked skewer. 

Prepare smoker to 225°F and smoke bacon skewers until desired internal temperate and crispness is reached. 

Bacon Skewer

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