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We create and deliver flavorful meat snacks, corn dogs, pre-cooked bacon, smoked sausage, appetizers, pet treats and other value added products.

Monogram appreciates the importance of our customers for private label brands and co-packed brands. Monogram has earned the trust of our customers and over one-billion dollars of this business without a single product recall. Monogram’s rapid growth in private label and strategic co-packing is based on producing consistently to customer specifications, food safety, service, innovation, production capabilities and exceptional total value.

Monogram manufacturers a full line of savory, nutritious meat snacks including jerky, meat sticks, pickled products, corndogs, pancake and sausage on a stick, mini corndogs, precooked bacon, a wide variety of appetizers, and more.

We formulate our products to meet rigorous taste and quality standards, and ensure that your products meet the same strict standards as national brands. Our plants are all BRC A or SQF 3 certified.

Monogram understands our products categories. We share our experience in consumer package goods with our partners, helping to ensure that the products they choose to put their name on are competitive and relevant to customers. Monogram’s in-house creative department offers design services and is proud to have developed some of the strongest packaging and merchandising vehicles in the marketplace.



Look For Our Outstanding Brands In Your Grocery.

Monogram works hard to give our customers the highest quality and best tasting packaged meat products on the market. All of us at Monogram shop for our own families, so we’re always mindful of the importance of quality and flavor. That’s why Monogram’s products are created with only the best ingredients, so you can rely on Monogram’s meat products and meat snacks to be the kind you’d like to serve your family. Whether you’re cooking on a stove top or a grill or just hungry enough to grab a quick snack, when it comes to high quality and good taste, Monogram’s got you covered.


The Leader in Innovative Food Solutions

If you’re passionate about distributing and selling excellent food products, then join our team and help Monogram make a delicious difference. Monogram’s team is always looking for new partners and vendors who have the interest, the desire and the capability to make their businesses successful. If you want to partner with us, take just a moment and see what we have to offer. That’s good business for you and good business for us.


Monogram Foods is a leading solutions provider of meat snacks and appetizers. With more than 2500 employees we serve customers in all 50 states of the USA and several other countries, in all channel of distribution including grocery, supercenters, mass merchants, distributers, vending, convenience stores, restaurants, club stores, military, export and more.

Doing Business With Monogram Foods

Monogram Foods Solutions creates and delivers flavorful meat snacks and appetizers that have originated from the many different cultures that are an integral part of the USA. Our inclusive team is always moving forward. We enthusiastically serve customers in all great 50 states of America, as well as our Canadian and Mexican neighbors and other countries.

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