Our Values

Corporate Social Responsibility

Monogram Food’s commitment to sustainability is a reflection of our values and represents an integral part of the Monogram Foods character. We take great pride in our exceptional personnel throughout all our facilities who are all individually dedicated to our sustainability goals and responsible business citizenship.

Monogram Foods made the decision from its inception to be a responsible leader throughout its organization outwardly demonstrating alignment with its various stakeholders’ concerns for society and the environment. Our entire team is fully committed to being the market leaders in environmental sustainability, community involvement and ethical product marketing.

The safety of our products and our team members is our most paramount concern.

We are passionate and committed to maintaining an impeccable record for food safety.

We continue to set higher internal and external safety standards to identify and eliminate unacceptable risks, and relentlessly pursue an incident-free workplace.

Circle of Growth


Monogram Foods is a family and a growing one at that. Monogram Foods began with only eight team members in 2004. Now, the company employs over 100 in the Memphis Support Center and over 3000 nationwide. We know that we would be nowhere without the dedication and hard work of all of our excellent team members who maintain Monogram’s upward growth.


Monogram Foods exists to create quality products that people love to eat. At our seven manufacturing facilities we have three categories of product: owned brands, licensed brand and co-manufactured brands. All of these are sold and marketed by the Monogram Foods sales and marketing team who sells to all classes of trade including large superstores, convenience stores and Mom & Pop stores. Our aim is to gratefully provide the best service to our customers.


When Monogram grows and our customers grow, we all profit. At Monogram, we value "candor done right" and a “when we say it, we do it” attitude. We are always looking for innovative ways to manufacture our products and ways to save our customers money.

Our profits go toward growing our team and growing our customers' business as we keep moving around the circle of growth. We always keep in mind our overarching goal which is to delight our customers and be the best we can be. We recognize and respect the right of Monogram employees to join or refrain from joining legally authorized groups or organizations.

Behaviors We Value

At Monogram Foods, we:

  • Keep quality and safety at the forefront

  • Gratefully provide best service to our customers

  • If we say it, we do it

  • Embrace the entrepreneurial spirit

  • Value candor “done right”

  • Give back to the communities in which we do business

  • Celebrate our successes

  • Invest in positive energy

  • Embrace diversity

Fair Labor Practices

  • All forms of discrimination or harassment are unacceptable. As a diverse company, we recognize, respect and are inclusive of the various cultures, ideas and customs of the people who reside in the communities where we operate.
  • Monogram offers competitive benefits to employees including medical, dental and vision plans along with access to a 401(k) with an attractive match, preventive health programs, life insurance, disability protection and paid vacations.
  • Our OSHA recordable incident rate is 2.07. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 2019 average rate for food manufacturers is 3.3


  • The Monogram Loves Kids Foundation awards money to charitable organizations that sponsor programs benefiting children in the seven regional areas in which Monogram does business. Grants range from $1,000 to $10,000. Since its inception in 2010, the foundation has awarded over three million dollars in grants to childrens’ charities.
  • Monogram’s management actively works with respect for environmental, public health, safety and social issues, with the goal of improving performance and minimizing adverse impacts.
  • Monogram supports competition in its marketplace and prohibits employees from engaging in practices that violate applicable laws or compromise our business ethics.

Food Safety Responsibility

  • All plants are BRC “A” certified or SQF Level 3 for superior food safety.
  • Monogram is committed to total transparency about its approach to food safety. We promote and support laws, procedures and practices that safeguard all people.
  • All food products are produced under strict HACCP guidelines for food safety.
  • Monogram operates all facilities under stringent GMP and SSOP programs.
  • Monogram is committed to training all employees in areas of food safety and quality.
  • Monogram utilizes the latest technological interventions for microbiological, foreign material, allergens and other food safety concerns.

The Safety of Team Members

Monogram Team Members gather daily, weekly, and monthly to collaborate about safety behaviors and in the workplace as well as safety at home. Safety Culture is celebrated and rewarded frequently throughout the company.

Our OSHA recordable incident rate is 2.07. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 2013 average rate for food manufacturers was 5.0.

Our goal is ZERO.



  • All locations recycle both plastic and metal
  • Monogram recycles all hazardous material including batteries, lightbulbs, and used oil.
  • In our Bristol facility, used vegetable oil is converted to biodiesel


  • From 2010-2016, Monogram spent over $1 million on energy efficient LED lighting at all locations.
  • Participation in peak demand program
  • Use of soft start motors
  • Converting garbage to energy
  • Conservation of bacon grease which is picked up


  • Over the period of 2015-2017, Monogram will invest over $10 million in wastewater pre-treatment facilities.
  • Maximize efficiency of boilers by reducing cycles of concentration
  • Modify shower cycles in our smokehouses to reduce water usage (intermittent showering)
  • Recirculate water to cool heads of rollstock machines and microwave
  • Process water is pretreated before discharge to POTW (Publicly Owned Treatment Works)
  • Monogram operates within federal regulations or air emissions and water quality.


  • We reinvest capital back into the business for growth.
  • We have acquired five new facilities in the past four years.
  • Since early 2005 revenues have grown from $8 million to more than $500 million in 2015 while saving and creating more than 1000 new jobs. Monogram Foods employs more the 3000 team members in permanent positions that include benefits.
  • We contribute significantly to the local economies of our plants, both through payroll and benefits to our team members and also by utilizing local providers of goods and services.

A Culture of Being Real

An outtake is a portion of work that is removed in the editing process and not included in the final work. We do not discount the importance to be willing to make a mistake or taking a risk to be real. We are not constrained by our outtakes; quite the opposite, we realize that in being entrepreneurial and collaborative we must first be real. Enjoy us as we enjoy our work and each other.

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