Procurement Overview

Monogram Foods seeks continuously to build and sustain relationships with suppliers who are seeking growth opportunities. We ask that all our suppliers provide their highest quality materials and services enabling us to incorporate them into our food products for our customers. Our expectation is that all suppliers demonstrate behaviors we value, reflect the basic principles of our business practices, and execute their jobs to the highest standards of performance.

The core business behaviors we value are:

  • Keep quality and safety at the forefront
  • Gratefully provide the best service to our customers
  • If we say it, we do it
  • Embrace the entrepreneurial spirit
  • Value Candor “done right”
  • Give back to the communities in which we do business
  • Celebrate our successes
  • Invest in Positive Energy
  • Embrace Diversity

Supplier Code of Conduct

Our expectation is that all our suppliers shall respect the Behaviors We Value, which have a focus on our company team members and our customers.

We created the Supplier Code of Conduct for our suppliers to understand our ethical business practices and our expectations of them.

This Monogram Food Solutions Supplier Code of Conduct applies to suppliers, their affiliated entities, supplier personnel, subcontractors and others with whom suppliers do business. We believe that it is the supplier’s responsibility to ensure that the Supplier Code is appropriately communicated to these listed parties.

We expect our suppliers to abide and execute the following:

  • Safety: provide a continuous safe workplace and support safe practices at home and in the community
  • Health: promote recognized good mental and physical health programs and practices
  • Labor Practices: treat everyone with dignity
  • Human Rights: support diversity and cultural inclusion
  • Environmental Leadership: conserve resources and minimize waste
  • Product Responsibility: conform to all recognized standards of good products and product labeling disclosure laws
  • Proprietary Guardianship: respect and guard each others proprietary property
  • Business Ethics: abide by business laws and work with integrity and honesty

Our Procurement Approach

Our Memphis Support Team leads and manages our approach to procurement with a focus that is defined by categories: Business Services, Logistics, Capital Goods and Services, Agricultural Staples, Ingredients, Maintenance and Repairs and Packaging. The execution of our sourcing plans is closely coordinated with our procurement professionals in each local community where our businesses operate.

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