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making memories one bite at a time

We are proud purveyors of the most trusted brands in meat products, snack and appetizers.

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experts in…

  • prepared foods
  • snacks
  • appetizers
  • sandwich & portable snack assembly

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providing quality, innovative food solutions

We help our customers scale their manufacturing with quality products — always keeping food safety, customer service and product innovation at the forefront.

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Design System

We are dedicated members of all our communities.

Being responsible citizens does not mean simply employing residents; it means engaging in meaningful, impactful initiatives for our families, friends and neighbors everywhere.

Volunteering is an opportunity to grow together as a team and allow our team members the time to connect with their community. We have partnered with PG Cares, a philanthropic program that promotes volunteerism, as a vehicle for our team members to have these opportunities.

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Sustainability isn’t just a program, it’s our driving force. From plastic and metal recycling to investments in energy efficiency, we’ve engineered our day-to-day business across all of our facilities to limit environmental impact and maximize savings.

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corn dogs being packaged on the line

Private Label

We formulate our private label products to meet the rigorous taste and quality standards and ensure that products meet the same strict national brands standards. Our Private label products consistently outperform national brands in every category. Monogram’s in-house creative department offers design services for products and display ready cases. Our team has launched private label products nationwide with some of the strongest packaging and merchandising vehicles in the marketplace.