For Monogram Foods, Every Day is Earth Day

Monogram’s team knows that the food we make often is enjoyed out of doors at a family or company picnic. That’s why Monogram works each day to become more earth-friendly: so our customers can enjoy Monogram meats and snacks in a clean and healthy environment. With eight manufacturing facilities that produce more than 800,000 pounds per day, Monogram works hard to minimize its impact on the environment and reduce its carbon footprint on the future. Here are some of the ways we do this.

  • Every plant renovation includes upgrading to a more energy efficient LED lighting system;
  • Oil used in Monogram’s fryers is converted into biodiesel fuel;
  • The “inedible” food waste can be used as animal feed, or is fed into an anaerobic digester that converts the material into methane gas, which can be used to produce energy;
  • Monogram production facilities recycle all cardboard, plastics, and metal;
  • At Monogram Meat Snacks in Minnesota, trash is sent to a power plant where it is burned and converted to electricity;
  • Monogram’s process water is pretreated before being sent to a water treatment source, which helps the treatment destination save time, energy, and money;
  • Solids removed from the water during the pretreatment process have a nutrient value that can be used as a source of fertilizer by local farmers.

Reducing our impact on the environment is not only the right thing to do now, but also the smart thing to do for the future.